China-Europe Block Train

China-Europe Block Train

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CHINA RAILWAY Express, the acronym CR Express, is organized by the China Railway Corporation, which runs on the basis of fixed train numbers, lines, schedules and running times, and operates on international rail trains such as containers between China and Europe and the countries along the belt. It is an important carrier for deepening economic and trade cooperation between China and the countries along the border and promoting "one". An important grasp in the construction of "Take One Road".

The Ban-train corridor in Central Europe connects not only Europe and the countries along it, but also East Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions. It is not only a railway corridor, but also a multimodal transport corridor.

Since March 19, 2011, the China-Europe Banquet began to operate. The first China-Europe Banquet was from Chongqing to Duisburg, Germany. It was then called the "Yuxin-Europe" International Railway. On June 8, 2016, China Railway officially launched the "China-Europe Banlie" brand, and operated according to the mechanism of "Six Unification" (Unified Brand Logo, Unified Transport Organization, Unified Whole-journey Price, Unified Service Standard, Unified Management Team, Unified Coordination Platform), to gather forces from all parts of the country and enhance market competitiveness.

At present, the Central European Banlie has laid down three channels for the West, Middle East and the Middle East:

—— West Passage.First, it is exported from Alashan Pass (Holgus) in Xinjiang, through Kazakhstan and Siberian railway in Russia, through Belarus, Poland, Germany and other countries in Europe. The second is to leave the country at the port of Horgos (Alashan Pass) and reach European countries through Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey and other countries; or cross the Caspian Sea through Kazakhstan and enter into countries such as Azerbaijani, Georgia, Bulgaria and other European countries. Third, it is connected by Turkey (Irkstan) and the planned China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Railway to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey and other European countries.

—— Midway.Outbound from Erlianhot Port in Inner Mongolia, through Mongolia and Siberian Railway in Russia, it reaches all European countries.

—— East Passage.

From Inner Mongolia Manzhouli (Suifenhe River, Heilongjiang) port, access to the Russian Siberian Railway, access to European countries.

The operation line of the Central European Ban Line is divided into the direct line of the Central European Ban Line and the transit line of the Central European Ban Line. The direct line between China and Europe refers to the point-to-point line between the main inland cargo source node, the important coastal port node and the foreign cities; the transit line between China and Europe refers to the line through the main railway hub node to gather the scattered cargo sources in the region and other cities.

In 2018, China and Europe opened 6363 columns, an increase of 73% over the same period last year. Among them, 2690 are returned, an increase of 111% over the same period of last year. More than 12,000 columns have been opened, and the target of "5,000 columns per year" set out in the "China-EU Banquet Construction and Development Plan 2016-2020" has been achieved two years ahead of schedule.

At present, there are 59 cities operating in China and 49 cities in 15 European countries. The number of return flights and the proportion of outgoing flights have reached 72%, basically achieving "four trips to three". The quality indicators such as heavy box rate and plan cash rate have reached the best level in history.

"China-EU Banlie Construction and Development Plan (2016-2020)"

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